The National Urshering ministry plan and supervise the ushering ministry of the

CHURCH. Coordinate the ushering ministry of the CHURCH: National District, Zonal and local church levels, Set yearly goals for the ushering ministry and Organize seminars and conferences for Ushers for effective ministry.


  • Ensure neat and conducive environment of the Church.
  • Coordinate the seats and sitting arrangement of the Church.
  • Warmly welcome both members and guests to the Church services and direct them to their seat.
  • Be at alert and ready at all times to respond when there is disturbance or situation that requires special attention.
  • Maintain rules and order in the Church.
  • Control the crowd and make people feel welcome to the Church.
  • To collect, count and document offerings, and take proper record of attendance.
  • Assist the nursing mothers where necessary.
  • Make available materials for the owners, and disseminate information/ distribution of materials to the congregation.
  • Coordinate church members during the Church