There shall be a National Coordinator of Naffs, who shall be appointed by the General Overseer subject to the approval of the Board and shall report to the National Director of

Home Missions. He shall be the Coordinator of the CHURCH


  • Organize and engage in campus fellowship in higher institutions of learning.
  • Recruit members to the fellowship centers.
  • Care for the wellbeing and spiritual and moral need of members of the campus fellowship centers.
  • Ensure that campus-wide outreaches are organized across the nation, as a platform for the Church to reach the larger population of the campus world.
  • To ensure that the vision and programs of the Church leadership as regards to Students’ Ministry are adequately communicated and carried out.
  • Organize suitable programs and activities that are relevant and of special interest to the student members.
  • To liaise with other student bodies in the campus that has affiliation with the Church.