Foursquare Women International(FWI)

This Ministry is the umbrella that covers all adult female members of the Foursquare Movement. They meet together as a fellowship to encourage and exhort one another every Tuesday by 2:00 pm at the Main Auditorium. Their June rally and Big M day are programs our women can look forward to every year.


  • Plan and supervise FWl in the Church.
  • Coordinates FWI programmes at Region, Axis,
  • District, Zone and Local levels.
  • Make policies on FWI after due consultation with relevant authorities.
  • Submit/Present report at NEC meeting highlighting testimonies and activities of FWI.
  • Organize Training for the development of Women leaders in the Church.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by National Secretary from time to time.


  • To organize mutual fellowship and seeing to the general welfare of Women in the church.
  • To give guidance, counseling and support to needy women in the Church.
  • To organize empowerment programs to assist and elevate the status of jobless women.
  • Catering for Conventioneers during ICML, Convention and all FWI National programmes.
  • Organize seminars and career talks for corporate women to assist them in becoming better wives, mothers and God’s handmaids.
  • To be involved in evangelistic programmes by visiting the motherless/ Orphanage homes with welfare packages and other charitable services such as medical evangelism and support to Missionaries and Mission work.
  • Organize specialized programs for waiting mothers and Eligibles for the benefit of women in the church.
  • To prepare National calendar for women and themes for their programs.
  • Executing National programmes such as Annual Get together, Easter Retreat, June Rally etc.
  • To preside over National Cabinet meetings and National FWI projects.