DAY 7 – WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8: PRAYER FOR NIGERIA – 1 Timothy 2:1&2, 2 Chron. 7:14

  1. Let us thank God for His mercies and move in our nation Nigeria despite all the works of the devil.
  2. Oh Lord, forgive us of our numerous sins as a nation. Have mercy on us, Oh Lord.
  3. Oh Lord, Thank You for the Elections of last year 2019 in Nigeria.
  4. Oh Lord, deliver us from the spirit of corruption in Nigeria in Jesus name.
  5. Oh Lord, arise and let the enemies of the progress of Nigeria scatter in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord, let violence, insurgencies, armed robberies, kidnappings, ritual killings, etc cease in Nigeria in Jesus name.
  7. Oh Lord, Nigeria shall fulfill her prophetic destiny of carrying the gospel to other nations of the world in Jesus name.



  1. Pray for greater vision and idea for daddy G.O.
  2. Pray for Grace on him continuously to see well, hear well and act well for the glory of God to continuously shine forth on His church
  3. Pray for divine direction in choosing leaders at all level in this new year
  4. Pray for empowerment, sound mind and sound health to function in a greater level in 2020
  5. Pray for new anointing, new unction and new power in order to move the church into greater level.
  6. Pray for spirit of unity and oneness among our leaders

DAILY CONFESSION: Lead them with peace of God daily


  1. God, we are trying our hardest to follow Your call, but we confess our view is limited. We draw lines and boundaries about whom You can reach. Forgive us.
  2. We want to live in the great power that raised Jesus from the dead and made even the unclean things clean. Lord, give us a greater revelation of the power of the cross and resurrection.
  3. We know there are people ready to hear Your message waiting for us as the messengers. Today, we open ourselves to You and say we will go to their houses and be with them, no matter how far outside of our “normal’ that might be.

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