DAY 30 – FRIDAY JANUARY 31: PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS – Psalms 40:1-2, 103:1-11, 138:8, Jer. 33:3, Phil. 1:6

  1. Thank God for the grace to wait patiently in fasting and prayer on Him for these 30 days.
  2. Thank God for inclining His ears unto us and for hearing our cry.
  3. Bless the Lord for redeeming your life from destruction and satisfying your mouth with good things.
  4. Thank God for the manifestation of DIVINE ALL-ROUND SUFFICIENCY in your life and ministry this year.
  5. God said, call on me and I will answer you.  Praise God for answered prayers.
  6. Praise and thank Him because DIVINE ALL-ROUND SUFFICIENCY is our portion throughout this year 2020.
  7. Thank God in advance for Foursquare and the leadership for DIVINE ALL-ROUND SUFFICIENCY that will be on all our labours this year.
  8. Give God the glory for answered prayers for Nigeria, over your life and ministry, your family and your extended family members for DIVINE ALL-ROUND SUFFICIENCY this year.



  1. Appreciate His name for His grace we received throughout this month.
  2. Appreciate Him for listening to our supplications throughout this period of waiting.
  3. Thank God for His answers we have received and those we will receive during the year.
  4. Praise God because the “THEME” of this year will work wonders in our lives.
  5. Thank Him for the Glory we will enjoy in children ministry in 2020.
  6. Praise His name for His power that will manifest in Foursquare Movement in this New Year.
  7. Thank God for the great harvest of soul Foursquare we will experience at all levels in this year 2020.
  8. Thank God for greater things He will do in this country Nigeria.
  9. Bless God for His visitation that will bring divine transformation in children church.
  10. Oh Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever.

DAILY CONFESSIONIn 2020, I will continue to praise the Lord.


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