DAY 17: FRIDAY JANUARY 18: PRAYER FOR TEENS – Proverbs 22:1, 4 & 1:1:7-9.

  1. Let us thank God for His faithfulness in the lives of our teenagers. Appreciate God for granting them favour and admission to various schools/universities last year.
  • Oh Lord, separate all our Teenagers from the spirit of ungodliness. Plant in them the spirit of the fear of the Lord and righteousness.
  • Father, when sinners entice our Teenagers, do not let them agree or consent in Jesus name. (Prov. 1:10).
  • Oh Lord, we frustrate every plan of the devil to derail the destinies of our Teenagers in Jesus name.


PRAYER FOR EXCELLENT SPIRIT – Bible Reading: Daniel (Daniel 1:20)

  1. I receive grace for divine wisdom for excellence.
  2. I receive grace to live in integrity and be diligent
  3. Lord, baptize me with power to do exploit in life and ministry.
  4. I receive grace for divine understanding of time and season for excellence.
  5. Lord, bless everything I lay my hands upon for excellence.


  1. Pray that the Lord would strengthen your faith to pray for the sick.
  2. Pray that you would see many healed in your church today.
  3. Thank God for His total healing and atonement, and ask Him for grace and mercy for those suffering.

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