Children Ministry


There Forgotten by much of the world, millions of boys and girls struggle to survive under the most desperate of circumstances. Many must eke out a living on their own, begging on the streets, scavenging through trash, or working in sweatshops. The national children ministry gives these children a fresh start on a better life, while offering a new beginning in Christ. The ministry comprises of children, children teachers and their coordinators from all Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria and members comprises of all the children of the churches between age 0 to 13.


  • Minister and take proper care of the children of the Church.
  • Develop a system of tracking and follow-up of the children so that we can evaluate their developmental progress.
  • Maintain ongoing correspondence with parents of the children through periodical meetings, mailings to keep them abreast of the direction children ministry are heading to.
  • Organize and manage the children church.
  • Use divers methodology and teaching aids to minister and teach the children.
  • Plan various activities to minister to the children of the Church.
  • Organize Christmas Party, Children Day Party and other occasional and festive outings for the children.
  • Prepare and present the children for special presentation and ministration during National Convention and other National programs.
  • Train personnel for the development and enlargement of the Children Ministry of the Church.
  • Attend, support and enlist our children and their teachers and be part of church community, zonal, district and national children activities.
  • Create and maintain a safe environment for children. This includes reporting abuse, the screening and supervision of workers, the implementation of safety drills and procedures for example fire drills, AIDs policy etc.
  • Develop programme for the children covering:
  • Teaching sessions for age groups.
  • Organize recreational activities and fun.
  • Summer activities and camps.
  • Ensure that children workers seek personal contact with children in the church and provide personal ministry to those who have special needs and hurts.