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Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; the soundness of moral character is considered to be a state of Integrity. It is when a person has a consistency of actions that are governed by certain values and principles. It is a state where a person is uncompromising, and predictably known to act consistently based on the values that is subscribed to. There is a consistent commitment to the quality of being Honest, Righteousness. Someone described righteous as RIGHT WISENESS i.e a person deliberately makes the choice of what is right because they are driven by a sense of wisdom that only that which is right produces the right things. Integrity, Moral Uprightness, Honesty, Rectitude, Honor, Good Character, Trustworthiness, Sincerity, Truthfulness, Probity, Virtue, Fairness, Decency, a state of being undivided; wholesomeness, devoid of Confusion and dual Personality refer to the same thing.
Integrity is a state of Completeness and Coherence. It was my Father who first taught me about the Word Integrity. God bless His Soul. He said to me and my siblings often that Integrity is not complete until it is consistent. He used to say to us that Integrity is not contextual; it is not determined by the circumstances of Events or geographical locations. It is based on adherence to the Principles that are established as the basis of Human Behavior.
We need to have Integrity in the Steps of Jesus Our Savior, because Jesus formed the basis of you and I being qualified to be called Christians. They were not called Christians except in Antioch where the People looked upon them and said, “They have been with Christ”. So being with Christ qualifies us as Christians. Being in Church and being with Christ are two different things. We are not supposed to despise the fellowship of the Brethren.
May God hear the cries that we made earlier to Him and make us His own in Jesus Name. Every time He calls the Disciples, he tells them “Follow me”. For you to follow someone, you must walk in the paths of the person and plant your footsteps in the person’s footprints, so that the destination of that person automatically becomes yours. In Matt 4:19 and John 12:26, he said, “Follow me”; “Where I am, there also shall you be”; “If you love me, keep my Commandments”. Everything He told the disciples to do, He also did with the Father.
Jesus was with God in the beginning when God said, “Let US make Man in our own Image”. Man was given the responsibility to be fruitful and multiply; to subdue and to dominate the earth, and God established Himself as a God of Purpose.
If that Creator who created us and decided that we qualified to be given exactly His image-and we know that the entirety of the Image and Substance of God is Integrity, what then are we doing even needing to be reminded that every of our Footsteps has to be in accordance with the Creator whose essence is Integrity? Integrity is not external but integral to our being Christians.
Jesus left the Word of God with us and everything we need to know about Integrity is not in the ethics of Man. Ethics is the way Man interprets the Godliness and Righteousness of God; and when man makes that Interpretation, he tends to be less than the original intended. The best Knowledge is in the Word of God because it has every prescription on the Principles, Values, Norms, and Beliefs that work together in a coherent manner to produce the basis of actions which when looked on by our Creator, he would say, “Indeed, they are walking in My Steps”.
In John 1:1, we can confirm that Christ came to this world facing Humanity in Human nature, yet he maintained Integrity. His maintaining Integrity in Human Flesh earned him the right to say to us,” You shall know the truth and it shall set you free.”
Integrity demands that you make Choices. Jesus made those Choices, and if we want to follow in His Steps, we will not hesitate to make right-standing Choices for Integrity’s sake.

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