DAY 8: TUESDAY JANUARY 9: PRAYER FOR NIGERIA (1 Tim. 2:1&2, Ps. 122:6)
1. Let us thank God for His mercies and move in our nation Nigeria despite all the works of the devil.
2. Oh Lord, destroy the power of corruption in Nigeria in Jesus name.
3. Oh Lord, arise and let the enemies of the progress of Nigeria scatter in Jesus name.
4. Oh Lord, let violence, insurgencies, armed robberies, kidnappings, ritual killings, etc cease in Nigeria in Jesus name.
5. Oh Lord, Nigeria shall fulfill her prophetic destiny of carrying the gospel to other nations of the world in Jesus name.

• Pray for faithful people who can teach others.
• Pray for a generation that is influential and inspirational.
• Pray that in times of temptation and trial we choose to be faithful to the One who called us.
• Thank the Lord that our character can change to be more like His. Ask the Holy Spirit to do a work in you to exalt Christ as Lord of Lords and demonstrate the signs of His love.

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