DAY 6: SUNDAY JANUARY 7: PRAYER FOR OPEN HEAVEN (Ezekiel 1:1 & Luke 3:21 & 22)
1. Heaven of my NEW HEIGHTS, hear the word of the Lord, open in Jesus name.
2. Heaven of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria open in Jesus name.
3. Oh Lord, don’t let me and my family operate under closed heaven this year, 2018 in Jesus name.
4. Let every veil over my heaven be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
5. Blood of Jesus, wash me and qualify me for New Heights in Jesus name.

• Pray that we would yield to the Spirit’s work to develop His fruit in our lives.
• Pray that the fruit of kindness would be lived out in our relationships to bless and encourage others.
• Pray that the Lord will use this fruit to help us reach out to those who don’t know Him.

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