Day 15- Prayer for Open Heaven upon Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria: Before, during and after the Diamond Anniversary/Convention (Ezekiel1:1-3)

  1. Decree un-hindered open heaven of jubilation upon every member of the Foursquare Gospel Church.
  2. Every terminal disease in the lives of our people is terminated in Jesus name.
  3. Every physical and spiritual blindness be opened and that the lame shall give up their crutches in Jesus name.
  4. Pray that this celebration will bring notable and never-heard-of miracles in the life of all attendees of this Diamond anniversary/Convention.
  5. Pray that the GLORY of God Almighty will saturate the whole camp.

Day 16- Today 3rd Friday: Vigil in all our Churches special prayer for the General Overseer, His family and ministry (1 Timothy 2:1-5)

  1. Let us praise and thank God Almighty for giving us a visionary, spiritual and dynamic leader in a time like this in Foursquare movement in Nigeria.
  2. Thank God for His GRACE, MERCY, KINDNESS and STRENGTH upon the General Overseer, his family and ministry.
  3. Pray that God will renew his strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to continue to pilot the Church to greater height.
  4. Pray that God will protect him and his family against every satanic attack as he is preparing for the Diamond Jubilee celebration/annual Convention.
  5. Pray that God will prepare him, equip and empower him for excellent performance during the events.

Day 17- Family Altar: Prayer of Supplication (Isiah 8:18)

  1. Thank God for His goodness and mercy over your life and your family.
  2. Oh Lord, let every satanic road-block to my family’s GREAT JUBILATION be roasted by fire.
  3. Oh Lord, ignite fresh fire in me to forge ahead in my Christian race without compromise.
  4. Father, showcase my family and I for MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS.
  5. Father Lord, bless us with sound health and longevity of life in Jesus name.

Day 18- Special Prayer for the Board of Directors and National Executive Members (Psalm 133:1-3I)

  1. Let us thank God for the Board of Directors and the National Executives of this great movement, for the wealth of wisdom and grace of God upon them.
  2. Ask God to baptize them with fresh oil of gladness, knowledge and revelation in the Holy Spirit.
  3. Pray that the Spirit of unity and Oneness will continue to reign in their midst.
  4. Ask God to bless them with sound health and longevity of life so as to be able to finish their God given vision.
  5. Pray that none of them will miss God’s kingdom in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord, let every evil altar raised against our Board and NEC members and myself be consumed by fire.

Day 19 (Monday) Liberty Prayers (John 14:11-14)

  1. Gove glory to God Almighty for the privilege to see another day in joy, Peace and Happiness.
  2. Ask God to cloth you with garment of Favor and Kindness as you step out today.
  3. Oh Lord, ignite fresh fire in me to live above sin, self and Satan till I see you in GLORY.
  4. Arise, O Lord, let no man prevail over me: let the heathen (gentiles) is judged in thy sight (Psalm 9:19)
  5. Oh Lord, let every RIDICLE that I have suffered before turn to MIRACLE.

Day 20- Special Prayers for Internal and External Speakers (Acts. 4:29-30; 1 Peter 4:11)

  1. Let us thank God for the choice of Internal and External speakers of this year’s Diamond Jubilee anniversary/annual convention, by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare, preserve, protect and empower them as vessels of honor.
  3. Pray that the Almighty HAND of God will rest upon them all for excellent and life transforming messages during the Diamond Jubilee anniversary/annual Convention
  4. Ask God to give them BOLDNESS to speak the WORD of God without fear of favor.
  5. Pray against every device of the devil to bring disappointment or failure from any of the speakers.
  6. Pray that God Almighty will work with them and through them; there shall be notable and unforgettable MIRACLES.
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